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    1. Lesson 1: Your Instructor Terry McKaig

    2. Lesson 2: What is a Personal Brand?

    3. Lesson 3: History and Explanation of NIL

    4. Lesson 4: NIL for Canadian Athletes

    1. Lesson 5: What's Your Story?

    1. Lesson 6: Set your Brand Guidelines

    2. Lesson 7: Identify your Target Audience

    3. Lesson 8: Creating your Content Strategy

    1. Lesson 9: Leveraging your Brand for NIL Deals

    2. Lesson 10: Connecting with Companies

    3. Lesson 11: Protecting Yourself

    4. Lesson 12: Inspiring Youth

    5. Lesson 13: That's a Wrap

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Your Instructor

Former collegiate baseball player and member of Canadian Olympic Baseball Team. Terry then enjoyed a Hall of Fame coaching career over 23 years at The University of British Columbia as well as being Head Coach of Canada's Collegiate National Team. He was instrumental in fundraising, designing and running the business operations for the $10 million dollar UBC Baseball complex.

Terry McKaig

Founder and CEO

Your Brand, Your Opportunity

Learn how to market yourself through sport and beyond